Fantasy Fairy Tales : Coloring Books 1-4

Fantasy Fairy Tales : Coloring Books 1-4


About the Books Come with Angie and Leah on many exciting adventures through the Magic land called Puff. It's a beautiful world with rainbow filled skies, giant mushrooms and trees with lavender leaves. There are dark caves that lead to underground worlds. It's a magical place where you will meet gypsies, fairies, unicorns and elves. Visit the City of Puff, Castle Dark Towers, Cloud Kingdom and Astoria the Underground World. These books are written as poems that rhyme. In each book Angie is called to help someone in need and she makes friends very quickly. Good always wins in these stories and the compassion that Angie has for others shines through in all the challenges that she faces. Each book ties into the last one and all the villains are brought forward into future stories. Page 1: Close your eyes and see if you can, A land on a mountain high. A land where trees with lavender leaves, Reach clear up to the sky. Where roses big as pumpkins grow, And birds big as cats do fly. Where pink dragons and giants roam, As unicorns graze nearby. A land of elves and fairies, And lots of magic stuff. A land of sweets and honey, And if that is not enough, https: // [email protected]

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Martha J Mayer, George S Benedetti
Paperback | 152 pages
215.9 x 279.91 x 9.91mm | 506.21g
Publication date
17 Jul 2018
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform