Medical Articles by Ophthalmologist William H. Bates : The Origin of Natural Eyesight Improvement-How He Did It! (Black & White Edition)

Medical Articles by Ophthalmologist William H. Bates : The Origin of Natural Eyesight Improvement-How He Did It! (Black & White Edition)


Dr. William H. Bates discovered Natural Eyesight Improvement, 'The Bates Method'. His Experiments prove that tension in the outer eye muscles (oblique and Recti) disrupt, change the shape of the eye and focus of light rays in the eye resulting in; unclear close and distant vision, astigmatism, crossed, wandering eyes, cataract, glaucoma and other abnormal eye conditions. He proved that the outer eye muscles, (oblique) when relaxed, contracting, un-contracting normally change the shape of the eye to normal to produce clear close and distant vision. Relaxed ciliary, iris, tear gland and other inner, outer eye muscles also function correct, produce clear vision, healthy eyes. Mental, emotional strain, tension, using the eyes incorrect is the main cause of outer eye muscle, eye tension and unclear vision. Dr. Bates proved that relaxation of the mind, body, outer eye muscles results in a return of the eye to normal shape with correct focus of light rays in the eyes, on the retina with clear vision at all distances, removal of astigmatism and other eye problems, keeps the eyes healthy with normal circulation, eye pressure, correct function of the optic and other eye, visual system nerves. Abnormal pressure, tension, pulling on/in the eye, lens, retina is removed. The eye muscles; outer (oblique, recti & muscles for blinking, tears...) and inner (ciliary, iris... muscles near and attached to the lens) function correct producing perfect; convergence, accommodation for clear close and reading vision, divergence, un-accommodation for clear distant vision. Shifting 'eye movement' with Central-Fixation (central vision) and function of the retina, lens, brain, entire visual system are perfect. A few of Dr. Bates older articles were based on the beliefs of most Ophthalmologists. As Dr. Bates cured his own vision naturally, treated his patients, performed experiments on the eyes, eye muscles, nerves-he changed his view on accommodation and other eye functions. He then practiced, applied natural eye, vision treatments without the use of eyeglasses, surgery, drugs. This is the origin of Natural Eyesight Improvement. Dr. Bates recorded all his natural treatments, work in his Clinic in New York City, U.S.A. and other hospitals, locations during his lifetime in his book 'The Cure Of Imperfect Sight By Treatment Without Glasses' & 11 years, 132 Issues of his Monthly Better Eyesight Magazine. Eyeglasses are often prescribed unnecessarily or 'too strong' (over-corrected) due to temporary nervousness, pressure to hurry, limited, incorrect eye, head, neck, body movement during an eye exam. Eye doctors also prefer to prescribe an 'extra stronger strength' to the eyeglass lenses. All eyeglasses, especially strong eyeglass lenses, bifocals, astigmatism lenses, sunglasses cause fast, increased vision impairment and prescriptions for stronger eyeglass lenses. This leads to increased vision impairment, cataracts and other eye health, vision impairment. Dr. Bates Book, Better Eyesight Magazines and 20 Natural Eyesight Improvement Books are Free in E-Book form with this book, on our website; http: //

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