The Entrepreneurial College President

The Entrepreneurial College President


Today's most successful college presidents are primarily defined by entrpreneurial attitudes and behavior. This landmark empirical study is substantially an update of the groundbreaking book by Fisher, Tack, and Wheeler entitled The Effective College President published in 1988. The sample used for this latest study is the largest ever of college presidents (more than 700), including presidents located in all regions of the United States, and including more women and minorities than found in prior studies. Fisher and Koch clearly demonstrate that common ground exists between the classic and tested characteristics of the leader and those of the entrepreneur. This book centers on key questions: Do college presidents often behave in an entrepreneurial fashion and does this behavior pay off for them and their institutions; and why are some presidents more likely to exhibit entrepreneurial attitueds than others? In addition to examining presidential attitudes and values, Fisher and Koch focus on actual presidential behavior. They have expanded their work to include much larger samples of women and minority presidents, whose number have increased tremendously in the past 15 years. They also include numerous control variables that reflect the character of the president's institution and focus on the entrepreneurial attitudes and behavior of presidents, along with how these factors determine success. They examine the extent to which academic training and reliance upon technology affect presidential success and introduce a multivariate model that permits them to examine how a variety of factors related to presidential success influence one another and presidential behavior. The most effective presidents identified in this study are analyzed in significant detail and their answers are reduced to close statistical analyses wherever possible. These presidents are intelligent risk takers who frequently question the status quo. They prize innovative thinking and appreciate contrary positions. They establish he

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James L. Fisher, James V. Koch
Hardback | 192 pages
166 x 244 x 18mm | 454g
Publication date
30 Jun 2004
Praeger Publishers Inc
Publication City/Country
Westport, United States