Facing The Fire : Experiencing & E

Facing The Fire : Experiencing & E


Do you believe: Anger is a "negative" emotion? "Nice" or "emotionally sophisticated" people don't get angry? Anger will disappear when you have understood intellectually what causes it? You won't be angry if you just learn to forgive? If so, you are not alone. Anger is the most misunderstood and, consequently, painful of all our emotions. But denying, suppressing, and avoiding our own and others' anger can have unfortunate results: weakened immune systems, numbing addictions, stormy relationships, lowered self-esteem.

Now, John Lee, the nationally renowned speaker, teacher, and author, shows you a better way of dealing with anger. Based on his work with clients and on his own experiences with anger, he: Uses real-life scenarios to help you understand what anger is, what causes it, and why it cannot and should not be avoidedCarefully guides you through a process of confronting and getting past the fears - of losing control, of alienating people, of hurting yourself or someone you love - that keep you from honestly experiencing and accepting your anger

Gently demonstrates ways in which you can express anger constructively - from talking it out to pounding your pillowDemonstrates why another person's anger, if it is expressed appropriately, need not be threatening or harmful to you - but in fact can help youIf you were brought up to hide parts of yourself that were angry or sad, "Facing the Fire" can make you whole again.

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John Lee
Paperback | 233 pages
155 x 230 x 18mm | 280g
Publication date
01 May 1995
Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group Inc
Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group
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New York, United States
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